Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • ppt.b
    07-15 11:19 AM
    I am in

    July tends to be a busy month for my husband at work because of deadlines on august 1 (even on weekends). However, we will try to make it if we can, definitely in august.

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  • kufloyd
    04-02 01:39 PM

    So let's say my PD is current and my processing date is current as well. The USCIS starts looking at my 485. While they're working on it, the PD retrogresses. Would they drop my application since my PD is no longer current or would it still continue to be processed since I've crossed the PD-current hurdle previously?


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  • Silviavp
    05-21 10:10 PM
    Thank you for your prompt replay. It helped me a lot. Since it is my first time applying for H1 I'm really lost.

    I have one more question. Do you know where I can check the deadlines for the H-1. I heard this year the H-1 would be filled by the end of june and I'm scared I didn't find an employer yet to sponsorship me.

    Thank you again for your help.


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  • rp0lol
    07-24 04:24 PM
    It is illegal to overstay on a visitors visa, for that matter it is illegal to stay on any expired visa.

    I don't think it is illegal to stay beyond your I-94 expiration date, if you already file for an extention or change of status.

    Generally lawyers advise not to travel, when h1 or h4 application is pending. as your H-4 approval will come with another (new) I-94 attached to it.

    So best thing check with your spouse's lawyer.


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  • ronhira
    01-05 06:35 PM
    details of computer consultant insurance -

    Professional liability E&O insurance for Computer Consultant Firms (

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  • akizdetz
    08-10 07:33 PM
    USCIS is just fooling with you. :D you are an eastern European, right?

    Hahaha, you're so funny! I guess you're the smart one from this forum, who thinks everybody loves your jokes! Grow up and get a job!


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  • grinch
    05-09 01:16 PM
    I like it, it's great, but the font of the 35 cents doesn't fit well... To generic?

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  • GCDeramzz
    06-20 09:18 AM
    I am also in the same boat as you and my attorney has sent my Labor ETA 750 to DOL for changing the box 15. It is good to change it now at Labor stage as there is quite lot rejection at I140 stage if your degree is 3 it is better to have it ammended at Labor stage.

    I would say all those who are waiting on Labor with 3 Years degree should make sure that your Labor states that it a "combination" else you will be trouble.

    - GCDreamzz
    My two cents.


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  • vamsi_poondla
    04-15 12:33 PM
    "Don't worry. The same happened to us. In fact once our case was transferred our approval came in very quickly. Good Luck."

    This is the message from one of the IVians.

    I know we cannot say anything about USCIS. They do all sort of crazy things

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  • wandmaker
    09-15 03:52 PM

    Processing Type: Regular Processing
    Receipt Number: WAC081-465-XXXX
    Received Date: APR,24 2008
    Notice Number: N/A
    RFE Date:
    RFE Responded Date: sep 16 2008
    Status: RFE responded and case resumed

    iam going to wait since one year.but still its going to be employer didn't say anything. I was getting frustrated everytime I looked at it, same statment: "Case resumed"
    what will i do?can i raise the service request?can i directly call to the uscis?

    please suggest me...

    AFAIK, If your H1 petition is an extension with the same employer and its 240 days past your I-94 expiry date, you should consider stop working. If your petition is H1 transfer, you can continue to work until the decision. As OP suggested, do the premium and get it over with. IMO, it is worth putting that 1k rather than living in anticipation. Good luck.


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  • GCeffect
    11-13 09:26 PM
    in case he application is denied, will there be any time mentioned in the denied form or not? thanks for your input

    Go ahead and apply, as long as you get the receipt before expiry date on her I-94, you should be fine. You will have to be ready for her return to India ASAP if her extension petition is denied, as she might start incurring illegal stay, which might create hindrance for her next visit or her next VISA application.

    It would be a good idea to state about her anticipated visit to other states etc. instead of other reason.

    It is likely that she might get RFE, but it should all be answerable.

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  • srikondoji
    06-29 07:42 AM
    post date is important here and not the delivery date.

    So, wait for july 2nd.
    Better than that, if you have buddies in FedEx, go bug them to accompany you to the nearest FedEx shoppe/store/offcie and do the shipment on July 1st.

    It is my earnest advice and so is of many more here that filing on july 30th or earlier is risky and may end up with a rejection.

    Best regards


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  • fullerene
    12-17 06:07 PM
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I was wondering if you may have a separate section compiling all searchable supporting references together. I did not doubt that there should be summaries in the thread. It just like seeking a needle in a sea.

    I am writing to a District representatives urging them to support SKIL Bill. I believe if some supportive evidence or references will make my letter strong.

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  • japs19
    08-22 12:03 PM
    :) Thanks.


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  • immigration_confused
    08-02 11:09 PM
    Dear friends, i would like to share my experience regarding the earlier post. My brother as i told you had surrendered his I-94 to the airline while departing for canada.
    He went to the US immigration at Toronto airport and the officer asked him for his I-94 which he told that airline had taken from him. Officer told that the airline was wrong in doing so and called his superior who told that it was not a problem and they issued him with a new I-94 card with out a problem and he got back into the US.
    i guess the lesson is not to panic and carry all your doccuments with you. In summary, automatic visa revalidation works but please do not surrender your old or new I-94 to the ailrine if you are planning to visit canada or mexico for < 30 days.

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  • pd_recapturing
    01-14 04:20 PM
    Well, there is no requirement from USCIS that forces companies to revoke 140 after employees leave or get laid off from the company. Its more to do with ability to pay issue. When a company receives a ability to pay rfe, it needs to show all the financial records along with how many 140s have been applied by them. USCIS checks the financial docs and number of 140s (underline wages) to make sure that company can pay wages. Most of the time, small time consulting companies get A2P rfe so mostly they revoke the 140s but in this economy, we can't be sure about big companies too.


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  • justice4all
    02-02 05:15 PM
    I am planning to apply F1 for my wife so that she can avail OPT after graduation to work full time. My I140 has already been approved and I haven't applied my I485 yet. Can I go ahead or there any complications? Lawyers / gurus , suggestions please !!

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  • pd052009
    05-23 09:45 PM
    My comments were quoted in the blog. As said by previous posters, they have picked few lines from my comments. These comments were related to Qn#1 (How can immigration reform support America’s competitiveness in a 21st century economy?). We can not expect to see all the quotes from one user in issues like this.

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  • Pineapple
    10-13 03:47 PM
    Thanks for responding, newuser, newbie2020, and We_will_get_GC!
    Please PM me your contact information..

    03-04 01:58 PM
    How will you do that? I guess, while working on cases, user has to click somewhere to send an email. If they choose not to, then there will be no email. In my case, I never saw consistency in getting emails. I don't think that is a big issue, just check your status periodically. Bigger and important issue is how to get your case processed faster, and in sequence.

    USCIS online case status system broken, My AP receipt numbers are not showing up online. we need to alert concerned USCIS authorities directly or thru IV's contacts in USCIS or thru AILA.

    03-27 04:37 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I have a question related to my H1b. I used to work for employer A till Feb 2, 2007(Friday) and then moved on to employer B. I started on a project for employer B on Feb 12, 2007(Next Monday). At that time it was decided that my start date for Employer B would be Feb 5, 2007 to maintain the continuity in the job experience, although the project start date was Feb 12.

    Now I have moved on from Employer B to C and employer B is saying that they can provide an experience letter showing start date as Feb 12th only because thats how they had it setup at that time.

    This effectively means that I had no job for a week Feb 5-10. I am sure that employer A didnt canceled my H1b so I dont think I was out of status, but can this "out of job" status affect my GC or any other immigration related processing in future?

    As you would notice, this is my first post so please excuse me if a similiar question was asked earlier. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.


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