Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah

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  • justice4all
    02-04 11:23 AM
    Thanks validIV for your reply.. I spoke to couple of attorneys regarding that.. one said its illegal and dont want to talk about it, other said that's the only option for my wife to go to job since she doesn't have an EAD.
    Lawyers reading this thread can throw some light..


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  • 10dulkar
    08-08 09:53 AM
    But the July 2nd decision was reversed later. Why did they not file then?

    Besides, companies do not need to pay for 485. Makes no sense for them to pay for something that they do not have to.

    On a separate note, does anyone know of any company which has discontinued GC processing because the new rule states the employer has to pay for PERM?

    That's our company policy(1 year bond of course)
    BTW they did file after July17th.:o

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  • mpadapa
    09-07 03:19 PM
    vandanaverdia - thanks for attending the rally. U folks R a great motivation for others. Do touch base with "WeShallOvercome" and start some WA chapter activities.

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  • sledge_hammer
    07-01 09:10 AM
    Hello all,

    I need clarifications on how to answer certain questions in the I-134 form. Can someone here please help?

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    2. I am __ years of age and have resided in the United States since (date) ______

    Do I enter the date I first landed in the US, or the most recent landing?

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    3. Name of spouse and children accompanying or following to join person:

    I am sponsoring my mother and father. Do I name them here? Or should I have separate I-134 forms for each parent and leave "Name of spouse" above blank?
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    7. I am employed as or engaged in the business of _______ with _______

    Should I enter my company's business type in the first blank and name of the company in the second blank?____________________________________________ ______ _______________
    8. The following persons are dependent on me for support:

    My wife and I file our tax as married/joint, and we do not claim each other as dependents. Should I leave the above item blank? Do I leave this blank?
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    9. I have previously submitted affidavit(s) of support for the following person(s). If none, state none.

    I had sponsored my wife's H4 when she came to the US 2 years ago. I'm not sure if I did I-134. Do generally people file this during H4 sponsorship?
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    10. I have submitted a visa petition(s) to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on behalf of the......Date Submitted?

    I had of course sponsored my wife's H4. For date submitted, what date should I use?
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    11. I xIntend xdo not intend to make specific contributions to the support of the person(s) named in item 3

    What should I enter here?
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Thanks in advance!


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  • lazycis
    05-14 12:33 PM

    My wife was pregnant when we did the July 2007 485 filing and now is being asked for the TB Test. It says X ray is mandatory on the letter from USCIS. The Immi DOctor said its really not and really depends on the skin test - so he will write and take care of that in the letter.

    Next thing is that I am not with the same employer who I was with when I filed 485 in July 2007. Thus dont have an attorney any more. Do I need to send the response with a G28 form with no Attorney representation from now on OR do I just reply with no G28 form to indicate I no longer have Legal representation?

    Whats the right way of handling this?

    USCIS regs require skin test results. The easiest way to take care of the RFE is to do what they ask for.
    As for G-28, you should send a new G-28 with your name as both representative and applicant to the service center where I-485 is pending.

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  • zCool
    04-23 12:21 PM
    You will qualify.
    Issue is getting to Canada and staying there long enough with the high taxes they have average canadian tax burden is 40% (30% tax + 10% additional sales tax on everything you buy) !
    I know how meaningless this "Backup" is after paying almost 50K$ over past few yrs.!


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  • 485user
    11-17 01:02 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I have filled 485 on July 2nd. I have received receipts on Aug22 but my son 485 got rejected due to checks are not signed(my lawyer forgot to sign). CIS told me they sent back the 485 packet to my lawyer, but my lawyer is saying he did not received. On line status/ CIS officer told me to re-submit the file.
    I am trying to re-file. Is any body faced this type of problem? Did USCIS accepted the file? Whom should i send this file or is there specific person like "Supervisor" or "Manager"

    My lawyer is not supporting, he is giving hard time.

    I am waiting for your valuable response.


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  • Onesimus
    03-03 02:54 AM
    Thanks biznuge! :)


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  • raj2007
    02-17 11:23 PM
    But what about extension based on appeal

    You can file extension based on labor. are you in eb2 0r eb3?

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  • ~Kipper~
    04-17 07:11 PM
    and it means to "paint/draw" so it has huge relevance to

    ealier posted by djn


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  • Munna Bhai
    07-12 09:47 AM
    How to delete the thread??

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  • immigrationaccount
    08-14 11:53 PM
    Thank you for the response dentist1.

    I am not sure on how to interpret LUD, here is the summary

    1. 485 received date Aug/1/2007, notice date Sep/27/2007 - for all three of us.
    2. We applied for a change of address in May/2009 and received acknowledgement from USCIS in June/2009 - for all three of us.
    3. My son's RFE response acknowledgement dated July/2009.

    Please help me to figure out LUD for our applications.



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  • mjdup
    07-26 11:34 AM
    One year for my labor had not elapsed and I had no other way to get the 8thyr extension so my attorney applied for the premium processing, it was applied on 16th and got it approved by 27th of June. If your labor has met the 1yr req. you could always apply for the 1yr extn, don't see why you won't be able to use the 1yr labor rule..hope this helps,

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  • fullerene
    12-17 06:07 PM
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I was wondering if you may have a separate section compiling all searchable supporting references together. I did not doubt that there should be summaries in the thread. It just like seeking a needle in a sea.

    I am writing to a District representatives urging them to support SKIL Bill. I believe if some supportive evidence or references will make my letter strong.


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  • FinalGC
    06-15 12:53 PM

    I am going to apply for my H1 renewal. I have my I-140 approved and I-485 application pending from Aug 2007. Additionally, being from India, my visa number is retrogressed.

    I got my first 3 year H1 extention from 2006-2009. Now I am appllying for my next 3 years H1 extention. However, I am seeing USCIS asking for client letter and copy of contract. Additionally, one employee of my company got renewal for 3 months only, since his project was getting over in 3 months.

    My company gets Purchase Orders for 1 year duration only from my client, but I have a intent to renewal for up to 3 years. I am about to enter into my 2nd year of contract.

    I am working with my lawyer to present my case the best way to ensure that we get a renewal of 3 years. Here is what my lawyer recently stated

    >>>>USCIS is simply not approving H1 petitions in the IT consultant field if the Employer cannot show actual bona fide work for the duration of time requested. This arises when USCIS issues a request for evidence specifically asking for such items as contracts and work orders. Furthermore, USCIS specifically requests that the end client confirm work performed as they are the business receiving the benefit of the employer. USCIS deems this requirement as necessary to confirm that the employee is performing work in a specialty occupation as contained in the petition.<<<<<<<<<

    However, I thought if any of you guys have any suggestions to ensure that we could get a 3 year extention??

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  • sk2010
    02-04 05:39 PM
    I had entered USA on Advance Parole last year and they didn't ask for EAD.


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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-19 09:05 AM

    How long does it takes to get an Advanced Parole documents after filing I485?
    Will it be safe to file I485 and AP/EAD if I am planning to go to India in next 4 or 5 months?


    Contributed $ 200
    I gues with iin 2 months for AP. but i don't know in current scenario with lot of applications. There is no harm in filing AP & EAD with 485. Even if you get them you can use it or not choice is yours. but if you use EAD h1/H4 will be invalid and you have to come back in AP. Also if you come in AP then your H1/h4 will be invalid you have to use EAD.

    I think 4-5 months is decent time to get AP. But with current volume I am not sure.

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  • visapower
    11-12 01:05 AM

    My employer had given me an approved labour and filed for my I140 in May for which I have received the receipt notice. I subscribed myself for email alerts in USCIS website with my I140 receipt notice number. Few days before I received an email from USCIS that a request for withdrawal of my I140 was accepted and I will have to file a new application if I want to apply again. I questioned my employer regarding the same but they said they didnt withdraw my I140 application and that it must be a screw up from USCIS side.

    Question 1: Is it possible that it can be a mistake from USCIS side?

    I have been approached by a different employer who is ready to file my GC.

    Question 2: If my existing employer has really not withdrawn my I140 application, can there be problems for me if I change my employer and my new employer files my GC..(since there can be two I140s from two different employers) ?

    Thanks in advance..

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  • seahawks
    03-02 09:17 AM
    only if termination is initiated by the employer, not employee. If you resign, the company is not required to provide you the one way ticket to your home country.

    03-25 08:34 AM

    Thanks for your reply.

    See according to the consulate, they say the following
    passport or travel document valid for at least three months after visa expiry date

    In this case, they mean the schengen visa expiration date. For example, if I am travelling from April 1 to April 20th, they will give me visa only upto April 20th. They want my AP to have expiration atleast 3 months from April 20th (which will be July 20th) but my AP is expiring on April 10th.

    07-21 09:32 AM
    I got appointment letter for Biometrics from USCIS. I already gave in 2007.
    Why are they asking again? and I only got this, my husband and son didn't get it.

    Right now I am on EAD, since last december(2009) I am not working, will there be any issues as I am the primary applicant.


    You are the primary applicant and not working? Is this ok?

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