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  • masterji
    01-27 09:21 AM
    I am in the same situation. I did not wait for 4-6 weeks for 221(g) and entered US using AP. The consulate called my home in India and was asking why I did not follow up my application? Should I withdraw my application by e-mail? Will there be any negative impact on my status in US?

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  • gc4vk
    12-13 02:48 PM
    My wife is currently working on H1B, she was offer permanent position at the client she is working, she has to get on to EAD to take permanent position.

    both my wife and myself got EAD's in Oct 07, my question is does she has to invoke AC21 to get on to EAD.

    I am the primary candidate for our GC Process.

    Thanks in Advance

    Pd: EB3, Aug 04
    I 140 : Jan 07
    485: Jul 07

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  • neeidd
    08-01 12:23 PM
    Thanks for posting


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  • noida123
    07-29 07:33 PM
    Sona 75, Sent u a PM


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  • Bolt
    04-23 12:33 PM
    1)on Feb 19 th 2008 came to US with H1B Visa stamp of Comp A having
    validity till AUG 2010
    2)Transferred VISA to Comp B by applying with in 15-20 days after
    landing into USA and got approved till Feb 2011.
    3)after working for 10months in Comp B applied for transfer to Comp C
    4)after getting receipt started working with Comp C
    5)on Jan 21,2009 acc to USCIS site RFE was issued
    6)on Apr 10,2009 Visa denied. I am still waiting for the details of the RFE and denial from my attorney?

    Q1) Am I still legal to stay,if so till how many days or am I
    already out of status?
    q2)can I still rejoin the previous employee i.e.Comp B
    q3)can Comp C able to reapply for H1B if So after how much time can it
    reapply for me?

    Please help


    until you have an I-94 u can go for an h1b transfer to another company. my suggestion is to with a premium prcessing and u will get an approval.
    i was in a situation that my previous h1b was valid until aug 18th 2008 and i went for a transfer to another company on march 24th 2008. it was pending with USCIS until march 10th 2009 and got denied. my i-94 was valid till aug 18th 2008. on march 30th 2009 i wwent for another h1b transfer thru premium processing and it got approved on apr 21st 2009. now am waitng on the i-797 wondering whether they have approved as a extension with i-94 or else consular processing.

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  • GotGC??
    02-25 08:30 PM
    Actually, you can file 485 when your PD becomes current, even if the 140 is still pending approval. You need to submit the 140 details alongwith your 484 application.

    Once a I140 is filed without the I485 one has to wait for I140 approval before being eigible for filing I485


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  • gsk0422
    07-01 10:39 AM
    Hey, my friend just got admission in a college and since she is not a US citizen or permanent resident. So, she needed a co-signer who is one but unfortunetly she couldnt get one cuz no one other then your own family member will trust u and sign and affidavit or co-sign a loan. Now her aunt who came with her husband on his work visa,been living for 9 yrs, recetly went out of status(I dont know the reason as its personal) has bank account and of course some savings. So my friend's aunt signed the Affidavit for my friend that was required by the university in order to process the student visa. Now after the application is filed, my friend is worried and maybe you can help her answer the questions. Her english isnt so good so Im going this for her(thu mine is bad too :)

    -I do know one thing that if a person getting a student loan is not a US citizen/permanent resident she/he would need a co-signer who is one and I also know that for sure that the loan agency check the credit history of a co-signer. SO,since my friend's aunt isnt a permant resident or a US citizen(she is out of status in fact) so she cannot be my friend's co-signer for the student loan BUT what about Affidavit?
    do the Immigration check the backgound of the person who signed the Affidavit,attached with her bank statments, for the student visa process or they mainly will check the student's background? my friend is concerned as she doesnt want her aunt to be in any trouble!

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  • rams75
    09-29 11:49 AM
    Switch from Adjustment of Status (AOS) to Consular Processing. The caveat is you lose your EAD and will have to wait for your PD to be current before you can work in the US again. Unless you get a new H1 and want to start over!


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  • cox
    September 4th, 2005, 07:32 PM
    ... Michael Michael Michael.... you do such nice work... there's always a jewel in the center with a bit of tweakin... that's what I love about your work! Many possibilities with one pic! :)

    Aw, shucks <blush>... I'll work on my tweakin' some more. I like your version, to be sure, but my goal is to make it look exactly like it looked when I shot it. I got about a million sunset shots at the world famous Canon beach. I'll see what I can do with those. Thanks for the input, as always!

    Cost of Filing AC21 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Cost of Filing AC21

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  • drak70
    03-06 01:36 PM
    I thought FNU meant First name Unknown
    used onlu when you have a single name

    Lastly you can alsways go toa court and officialy add your surname to hers legally


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  • yogi13
    06-28 10:24 AM
    My wife have a birth certificate from the muncipality. The birth was registered soon after she was born and her parents named her before registration so there are no issues as far as late registration or "no name" is concerned. The only concern I have is that the birth certificate mentions only the first names of her and her mother although her father's full name is mentioned. Will this be a problem. The muncipalities in India register the birth in this manner, their explanation being that a child's full name is his/her first name followed by the father's full name. Similarly a married woman's full name is her first name followed by the husband's full name. I know this is not necessarily true in the USA. So I was wondering if this might be a problem.
    Is there anyone in this forum who had a similar situation and their certificate worked?

    Any insight on this will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Butters
    04-24 06:34 PM


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  • somegchuh
    04-04 05:24 PM
    I think this thread is really good start. I think the inherent problem is not the fact that H1B is temporary and ppl want GC. Basic problem is ppl want the right to be able to work for who they want and they want the same for their spouses. This can be addressed by H1B reform also. But I think it will be an uphill battle because most businesses get captive employees by way of H1B visa and would be the real losers in case of a reform.

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  • same_old_guy
    04-30 07:41 PM
    What do you mean by filing ?
    Is there anything to file for AC21 ? I somehow thought it's implicit and you just have to let USCIS know that you have changed your job. That's all. That too is not a mandatory task but most lawyers suggest it to play safe. I think it's matter of sending the letter with details to USCIS.
    You just be prepared to explain at the 485 interview or reply to RFE's or NOID's if sent by USCIS, which wont happen till your 485 date is current or your sponsoring employer withdraws 140.


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  • chanduv23
    10-25 10:03 PM

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  • dano
    05-05 03:53 PM
    I've also heard about these two attorneys, one from Reisterstown,MD and the other from Arlington,Va.

    I am myself starting the process, and I've heard mixed opinions on these two. i would appreciate anybody that could chip in.


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  • acecupid
    09-12 10:06 AM
    Hi all!
    Wat would be the status of F1 student (OPT) mother of a US born baby after her visa expires, who is a single parent???

    Mother will obviously be illegal. You should have no doubts about that!

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  • deba
    08-22 12:09 PM
    No new PIO card is required unless 15 yrs is up. Get it endorsed with the new passport # on your PIO card from the embassy/consulate.

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  • gcpool
    09-13 01:10 PM
    If we do premium process, does this increase the change of rejection?

    03-02 08:31 AM
    Yes for H1B you are entitled to get Return ticket back to your home country if you are being laid off or fired. Last year my earlier employer offer me return ticket to home contry. They specified that we are offering as per the clause or law of H1B visa. Offcourse I didnt accept it but you cant get money for not accepting this return ticket offer.

    Hope this help

    I would return home to Canada. I am not sure of the immigration policies in India :)

    Could you point me to chapter and verse from some official DOL or USCIS website?


    Immigration voice
    06-08 04:25 PM
    Any members in Iowa, please post here.
    Hi, Everyone,
    Any idea how long it takes to get 485 approved. I applied on EB1. My I-140 was approved in Jan07. Any idea about FBI check I mean Background check,Name check and other much time it takes....
    And in case if it stck where it could be and how to check the status of that stuck??????????????/
    Can any one tell me how to check the status of my application or name chack with FBI.Where to call, whats the number and what to ask there etc etc....and other related questions

    I'll appreciate your suggestions and reply.

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